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Software Quality Assurance & Job Outlook

Software Quality Assurance  & Job Outlook

Software Quality Assurance & Job Outlook

Software quality assurance is one of the most critical parts of software development whether you’re developing an application or an end-to-end system.

Manual Vs. Automation Testing Manual testing is a method used by software developers to run tests manually whereas the method takes automation tool support to execute the test cases known as Automation Testing. Automated testing is usually good for large and detailed projects. Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 12.56.05 PM What is Automation Testing? Automation testing is known as the process of using a computer program to execute systems or user transactions against an IT system.Automated testing tools are capable of executing tests, reporting outcomes and comparing results with earlier test runs. Why Use an Automating Testing? When a software tester manually checks a system, she can make a mistake, especially when an application contains hundreds to thousands of lines of code. Automation helps the QA team avoid these human errors in application testing and executes checks in a faster time frame than if it were done in person.

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What are Some Automation Tools? Open source test automation tools and frameworks include Selenium, Robotium and Cypress. Selenium can automate and run test parameters across multiple web browsers and in various programming languages -- such as C#, Java and Python.

Software QA Engineering Jobs Outlook & Trends According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Software QA Engineering Jobs are growing very rapidly with an estimation of 100,000 new positions set to be created through 2022. Companies’ demand for skilled QA engineers are growing and they are taking their positions as an integral part of any software development platform.

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