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Our World is Changing, Be a Part of the Change

Our World is Changing, Be a Part of the Change

Our World is Changing, Be a Part of the Change

Our World is Changing, Be a Part of the Change!

Technology has the power to do many things, and changing the world is one of them. This ever-evolving technology’s immense impact on our lives is undeniable; however, we might be underestimating the speed of this change and how soon it will all affect our daily lives permanently.

One study at Oxford University found that more than half of all jobs will disappear in the next ten years.


47 percent of US jobs are not doomed to completely disappear, while a high percentage of them will be redefined. Redefinement will bring a need to retraining of the employees and they will go through an adjustment period to gain the skills they need in order to be qualified to work with the needed technology. This process is also estimated to eliminate many people from the workforce.

By 2030, nearly half of today’s jobs will either be automated or outsourced while about 25% of today’s workforce will lose their jobs to robots and algorithms in the next 15 years.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a teacher, financial advisor or a professional piano-player: automation is coming for you. Professor Richard Susskind, author of The Future of the Professions and Tomorrow’s Lawyers, stresses the unavoidable future reality of the workforce: “What you’re going to see for a lot of jobs is a churn of different tasks,” he explains. “So, a lawyer today doesn’t develop systems that offer advice, but the lawyer of 2025 will. They’ll still be called lawyers but they’ll be doing different things.”


So What Can We Do to Adapt?

We can’t change the fact that technology will completely turn the workforce upside-down. What we can change is what we decide to study and get training for. Other than choosing to put time and effort into professions that are estimated to disappear in the next ten years, we can choose professions that will work towards developing this change. We can first start by learning how to speak the language of the future.

Coding: The Language of The Future

Code is the language of the modern world. Whether it’s the app that brings emails to a mobile or the car that knows how many miles to go until refuelling, any smart device needs code i​nstructions to tell it how to operate and communicate with the outside world. Just like English, code will be the dominant language of the future, and starting to explore this language will make us part of the change. Following the latest news and trends, learning at least one coding language, enrolling into technology related bootcamps and programs, or taking a STEM related class carry us one step closer to the future. Our world is constantly developing.

So why not be a part of this change?